This is a gamecube game made for Shadow since he was a famous character


After Sonic Heroes, Shadow disbands Team Dark and tries to find his past during a war with humans, aliens, and Eggman

Ally attacksEdit

If a second person joins, they can use the allie's of shadow to attack

  1. Sonic does a Homing Attack
  2. Tails uses his tails
  3. Knuckles punchs
  4. Rouge kicks
  5. Vector bites
  6. Omega punches
  7. Maria can jump high

Chaos PowerEdit

In this game, killing humans turns shadow dark red and he does a chaos blast.Also, killing aliens will turn him bright red and he will use chaos control.


Stage 1:


Stage 2:

  • Digital Circuit
  • Glythic Canyons
  • Lethal Highway

Stage 3:

  • Cryptic Castle
  • Prison Island
  • Circus Park

Stage 4:

  • Central City
  • The Doom
  • Sky Troops
  • Mad Matrix
  • Death Ruins

Stage 5:

  • The ARK
  • Air Fleet
  • Iron Jungle
  • Space Gadget
  • Lost Impact

Stage 6:

  • GUN Foretress
  • Black Comet
  • Lava Shelter
  • Cosmic Fall
  • Final Haunt

Stage 7

  • Black Doom
  • Egg Dealer
  • Sonic


GUN Foretress:

Shadow says he will destroy the planet

Black Comet:

Shadow says he is Black Doom's Servant

Lava Shelter:

Shadow says he will lead the Eggman Empire

Cosmic Fall:

Shadow says he has no purpose

Final Haunt:

Shadow says he will protect the Earth

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