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Welcome to the Sonicpedia free sonic encyclopedia WikiEdit

A growing wiki on anything Sonic the hedgehog

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Latest activityEdit

  • edit Shadow The Hehgehog (Game)
    edited by Toa code diff
  • new page Shadow The Hehgehog (Game)
    created by Toa code
    New page: This is a gamecube game made for Shadow since he was a famous character Contents 1 Plot 2 Ally attacks 3 Chaos Power 4 Stages PlotEdit After...
    Added photo:
  • new page Sonic Blast
    created by Toa code
    New page: Sonic Blast is a Sonic Game by Aspect Contents 1 Plot 2 Gameplay 3 Zones 4 Bosses PlotEdit One Day Sonic is on South Island and Robotnik...
    Added photo:
  • new page Sega Game Gear
    created by Toa code
    New page: Sega Game Gear was a stystem made to rival Nintendo's Game Boy New Sonic CharactersEdit Tails Fang the Sniper GamesEdit Sonic the heghehog Sonic the...
    Added photo:
  • new page Death Egg Zone
    created by Toa code
    New page: The death egg is a foretress in the classic Sonic games that resembles the Death Star EnemysEdit Chainspike Section headingEdit Write the second...
  • new page SOnic Pinball Party
    created by Toa code
    New page: Sonic Pinball Party is a Gameboy Advance Game Contents 1 Plot 2 Characters 3 Game Boards 4 Re-Releases PlotEdit This game is set in Casinoplis,...
    Added photo:


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  • edit Archie Sonic 88
    edited by Toa code diff
  • edit Sonic Tennis
    edited by Toa code diff
  • new page Tails Flying Get
    created by Toa code
    New page: This is a game for sonic cafe that plays like the minigame in Sonic Battle GoalEdit Get 20 rings
  • new page Good Friend Chao
    created by Toa code
    New page: Good Friend Chao was a game released for the sonic cafe PlotEdit In this game you take care of a chao,like the chao garden in sonic adventure 2

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